The Passion According to Matthew, Bach, Gibson and Ting

The crucification of Jesus as described in the four Gospels mesmerized
generations of people for two thousand years.  It also inspired great artists to
produce great artworks accordingly, in literature, poetry, paintings, sculptures,
and music.  J. S. Bach, among the greatest musicians in the 18th century,
allegedly produced four passions according to each of the four gospels.  
Among them, The Passion According to St. Matthew was the must beautiful.  
It melts poems, vocal and instrumental music around the gospel texts.  Albert
Schweizer summarized its effects as "tone painting".  As we listen to the
music, our mind's eyes see images unfolding scenes after scenes with the
flow of music.

Mel Gibson took advantages of the modern technology of motion pictures
and pushed it to its breaking point in conveying the brutality of crucification
and the suffering of Jesus under the circumstances.  He effectively used
imagery and sound to impress pains and suffering on the audience.

I took the music in Passion According to St. Matthew, and spliced the
imagery in Gibson's Passion of Christ to accompany the music passages.  
These two great artists had done all the works.  All I have done is to match
one with the other.  I also added subtitles in German with Chinese translation.

Movie segments are organized as the following.  The segments are about
50M bytes long.  It will take some time during downloading.  Be patient.

1. Opening chorus
2. Last Super
3. Judas sold Jesus for 30 dollars
4. Breaking bread
5. Peter boosting
6. Prayers in Garden 1
7. Prayers in Garden 2
8. Prayers in Garden 3
9. Jesus Arrested
10. Jesus sent to the city
11. Jesus tried before Priests
12. Peter denied Jesus
13. Judas hang himself
14. Jesus tried before Pilate
15. Jesus chastised 1
16. Jesus chastised 2
17. Pilate washed his hands
18. Jesus bore the cross
19. Golgotha
20. Jesus nailed to the cross
21. Jesus hang on the cross
22. Earth quake
23. Jesus died on the cross
24. Finale
The Passion According to Matthew, Bach, Gibson and Ting