What's new?

430eForth  for TI LaunchPad, $25

This is a Forth system for the  MSP430G2553 microcontroller used on the
LaunchPad from TI.  It is a 16-bit Forth implementation to be assembler by
the Code Composer Studio 5.2.  It makes the best used of the 16 KB of flash
memory. leaving about 10 KB for your applications.

You can download a free copy of the object code
430eForth.out here.  You
can download it to the LaunchPad under Code Composer Studio, and try it.

ceForth_328: Forth in C for Arduino Uno, $25

This is an Arduino sketch which can be compiled and uploaded by Arduino
0022.  The FORTH Virtual Machine is coded in C, and the FORTH dictionary
is imported as a data array.  The FORTH dictionary can be extended into the
RAM memory, so you can add new commands to this system.  The
dictionary is produced by a metacompiler running under F#.  The source
code of the metacompiler is included for you to enhance this system.

You can download a free copy of
ceForth_328.pde here.  You can compile
and load it to Arduino Uno using Arduino 0022, and test drive it  Read the
companion document
ceForth_328_readme.pdf for instructions.

328eForth for Arduino Uno, $25

This is a very efficient and very simple implementation of eForth for
ATmega328P microcontroller used on Arduino Uno Board.  It is using
Subroutine Thread Model.  The interpreter kernel resides in bootloader
NRWW memory, and the compiler and user extensions are in the main RWW
flash memory.  An optimized flash programming routine minimizes
erase-write cycles to extent the life of flash memory.  It also allows you to
build turnkey systems for commercial applications.  $25 including
assembly source code, demo code, tutorials, and detailed documentation,

You can download a free copy of
328eForth.hex here right now.  You can
load it to Arduino Uno using a programmer like AVRISP mkll, and test drive
it  Read the companion document
328eForth_readme.pdf for instructions.

Interactive Globe, $10

This is a game based on the Digital Chart of the World, which shows the
elevation map of the entire earth, to the horizontal resolution of 3
arc-seconds ( about 1 kilometer on the equator), and a vertical resolution of
1 meter.  You can point to any location on the earth and see the topology
around this location.  You can zoom-in and zoom-out at will on the map.  It
is a tutorial on F#, and you get the complete source code to evaluate it and
perhaps to enhance it.  It is distributed on a CD.  Shipping included.

Interactive Fractals, $10

This is a game based on the fractals invented by Benoit Mandelbrot.  
Extensive floating point computations are optimized using the Floating
Point Coprocessor inside the Intel processor.  You can interactively
explore the rich and complex landscape of the Mandelbrot set with your
mouse.  You can zoom-in and zoom-out at will, and also change the
coloring of the display.  It is another tutorial on F#, and you get the complete
source code.  It is distributed on a CD.  Shipping is included.

eP32 in VHDL for LatticeXP2 Brevia Kit, $25

eP32 is a 32 bit microprocessor.  It is ported to LatticeXP2-5E FPGA chip
and implemented on LatticeXP2 Brevia Development Kit.  It includes a CPU
module, a UART module and a GPIO module.  An eForth metacompiler
which produces eForth RAM image is included with all source code.  It is
the best FORTH engine on the cheapest FPGA kit.  All VHDL files and eForth
files are included.

eForth for STM8S, $25

STM8S is an 8 bit microcontroller from STMicroelectronics.  ST is
distributing a STM8S-Discovery Board for less than $10. It is an excellent
kit to learn microcontroller programming.  I ported eForth to this board and
now donate it to the public domain.  

FORTH in C, $25

eForth model is now ported to C.  It is compiled by gcc in Cygwin.  C is
used to implement a Virtual FORTH Machine which processes FORTH
words stored in a dictionary as a data array.  Two implementations are
released: cEF Version 1.0 has 33 primitives and cEF Version 2.0 has 64
primitives.  FORTH dictionaries are compiled using a metacompiler written
in F#.

eForth for AT91SAM7X256 MicroConverters from Atmel, $25

It is in ARM7 assembler of Keil uVision3/RealView development suite.  It
uses the DBGU serial port to interact with user.. Sample code to display a
US flag on Olimex's SAM7-EX256 Board.

Interested in ARM7 microcontrollers?

ARMkey has an ARM7 processor LPC2104 from Philips in a 40 pin DIP
package with a USB interface.  With a PC, it forms a complete firmware
development system for ARM7 embedded applications.  A new tutorial is

1003          Inside F83, C. H. Ting--$25.00
Everything you want to know about the Perry-Laxen F83 system but afraid
to ask.  288 packed pages divided into 4 parts:  tutorial on F83 system, the
kernel, utility, and 8086 specific tools.  It is based on F83 Version 2.1 for
the IBM-PC, but useful as a reference manual for all other F83 systems.

By special request, this manual on the F83 system is now available for
order. All figures were scanned and a new pdf version is now included.
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